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Ratings and Statistical Explanations

Adjusted Ratings Explanation and Discussion
Find out the origin of the adjusted ratings, how it works, and why it is a better measure of scoring averages for college golf than using ratings and slope.

Rankings Explanations
Defines Rankings eligibility, H-T-H standings calculation, strength of schedule calculation, presentation of the standings explanation, and Relative Ranking explanation.

Descriptions of Statistics
Descriptions are provided for the following statistical categories: Ham & Egg, Putting Par, and Fairway Hit/Green in Regulation.

Analysis of Statistics HELP FILE
Explanation of how to understand your statistics for the maximum benefit. Includes discussion on entry of subjective data as well as where to start in understanding how to analyze you data.

Top Frosh Explanaton
Explanation of how Top Frosh Impact numbers are calculated and ranked.


Tournament Scoring Software

Results Scoring Software
Find out how to get the FREE Golfstat Results Scoring Software.

 · See Instructions for the Results software.

Scorecard Software
Live Internet Scoring!
Use Golfstat's top software package to put your tournament live on the Internet!


Statistical Software

Basic Qualifying Software Instructions

Deluxe Qualifying Software Instructions

Economy Qualifying Software Instructions

ESTAT Software Instructions


Golfstat's Services

Golfstat's Service Packages
Each of Golfstat's service packages and additional options are described here. Be sure to check out Golfstat's new customized team web page service!

Golfstat's Statistical Service Packages
This information pertains to Golfstat's Statistical Service, which is different than the mandatory NCAA or NAIA Rating Systems Registrations that are sent out by the NCAA and the NAIA.

Golfstat's Web Service Package
Preview Golfstat's customized statistical service for your team on the web! Golfstat will host and maintain personalized web pages for your team's and players' statistics.


Registration Information

Policy Manual for Registering and Scoring Events with Golfstat
This is a supplementary document to the Handbook. This document is to be used as a resource for information regarding registration mailings, registration requirements, minimum yardage requirements, acceptable tournament formats, results reporting, minimum rounds for ratings, and reporting dates to selection committees. Golfstat recommends new coaches to review this information.


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