Golfstat Deluxe Qualifying

Software Instructions

Welcome to GOLFSTAT DELUXE QUALIFYING. These directions were last updated on January 22, 2000. There are several things you need to do before you run the program. These programs will only run from your C: drive (Typical Hard Drive). Therefore you need to create a directory or folder and then copy all files from this diskette to that directory. Remember that this software is MS-DOS based and does not run from Windows. When getting into the program you need to click your START button in the lower left hand corner. Then click PROGRAMS and then click the MS-DOS prompt. You will need to change to your directory once you get into DOS. You do this by typing CD/(name of directory). When this software was created for you a file showing your Team Name and your latest Roster on the Golfstat System was included. These two areas can be edited, but it is best to leave the Players in the same order to make it easier to communicate with Golfstat on any issue.

The name of the program to run is QUAL. Type QUAL and Enter to start the program. You will see your Team name along with 5 Options.

Edit Team/Player Names

This option allows you to Add, Delete, or Edit Player names. It also allows you to change the name of your School. When using this option there are 4 movement keys available. The TAB key moves you forward by one space. The BACKSPACE key moves you backwards by one space. The ENTER key goes to the next field. The ESCAPE key takes you back to the MAIN MENU. Once you have started entering data you absolutely do not want to change a Player to a new position on the file as all data files are positional and will always line up with the position being used when the data was first entered.

Enter Statistics

The first screen you encounter when taking this option is a screen showing all players. This is where you tell the program how many rounds each player played. All rounds entered at one time must be on the same golf course. You can enter as many as 9 rounds for each player. If you make a mistake simply wrap around and correct your mistake. You can use the ENTER key to bypass a Player and not change the number that is currently showing. When you have entered the proper number for each player you should ESCAPE to continue. If you have no rounds listed when escaping the program will take you back to the MAIN MENU. Otherwise you will be taken to the next screen.

On the next screen you enter the Par for the golf course. You are allowed to enter nine hole scores in this software, but you still have to put in all 18 holes of the par or you cannot get out of this screen. Once you have entered the hole-by-hole par simply ESCAPE to the next screen.

This is the actual entry screen. Notice that you are told which Player is being entered as well as which round of that Player is being entered (i.e. Player Round 1 - 5). The screen also shows you which round of the total rounds that you are entering (i.e. Team Round 6 - 25). The first thing you do is enter which hole the Player started on. The program always assumes the first hole. If that is correct simply hit ENTER. If not, type the hole number as a 2-digit number (i.e. 5th hole would be 05). This question is actually not used in any of the statistical printouts so you are best to always start on the first hole. You also have another option at this point which is to TAB to the next round. This is useful if you really donít have data for this player and need to bypass entering anything for them. It is also useful later in this session when you are given an option to edit your data. This will allow you to bypass to the round that you want to edit. If you donít have any data for a player, a blank record will actually be written to the file. That will not cause any problems with any of the printouts, but you will see later that you do have an opportunity to delete that record.

The next question you will be asked is did the Player play an 18 Hole round or a 9 Hole round. If the Player played 18 Holes type ENTER. If they played the Back Nine type B. If they played the Front Nine type F. These are the only three keystrokes that will work in this area. If you enter Front you will only be able to enter data for the Front Nine. If you enter Back you will only be able to enter data for the Back Nine.

You have finally made it to the data entry part of the screen. The first thing you need to know is that at any time if you have messed up this round or the information before it (i.e. starting hole or 18 vs. 9 holes) you may simply SPACEBAR to start this round over from the beginning. There are six pieces of hole-by-hole data that you will enter. Towards the bottom of the screen there will be a green bar line that tells you what your options are for each one of those pieces. A quick summary is given here:

SCORE enter hole-by-hole score. For a double-digit score enter zero followed by the two digit score.

PUTTS must be any number from 0 to 5.

FAIRWAYS: 0=Par 3 Hole (no Fairway) 1=Hit Fairway 2=Fairway Missed Left 3=Fairway Missed Right.

GREENS: 1=Hit the Green in Regulation or Less, but farther than 15 Ft. from the hole. 2=Hit the Green in Regulation at or inside of 15 Ft. from the hole. 3=Green Missed Left 4=Green Missed Right 5=Green Missed Short 6=Green Missed Long 7=Green Missed where you had No Chance to hit it because of circumstances (i.e. out of bounds tee ball; chipped out of the woods, etc.). Distance, even with conditions is not an example of a No Chance Green. Therefore, you can never have a No Chance Green on a Par 3.

NON-SAND UP & DOWNS: Assume this to be from approximately 20 yards or closer to green. 0=No Opportunity 1=Unsuccessful Opportunity 2=Successful Opportunity. You cannot have more than one opportunity for each hole and a Sand Save is separate from a non sand Up & Down.

SAND SAVE: 0=No Opportunity 1=Unsuccessful Opportunity 2=Successful Opportunity. No more than one opportunity per hole.

On this screen you have several keystrokes to benefit in moving around the screen. The Up and Down arrow can move you from field to field on the same hole (i.e. Score to Putts). Side arrows (ŗ or Ŗ) will move you back and forth from hole to hole. If you are on the 18th or 1st hole and use the side arrow that would take you to the next field it will do so automatically. When going from the 18th hole to the 1st hole of the next field you will hear a Beep. This is just a feature to help you know if you are at the correct hole when entering date without looking at the screen. The plus (+) key automatically moves you to the next 1st or 10th hole. When you are done entering the data ENTER. The program will check for any logic errors and will show you the totals for all of the pieces of data that you have entered. If a logic error is found, you will be asked to correct it before you can proceed. If no logic errors are found you will be given a second chance to make any corrections that you think need to be made (i.e. Total score was 73 and hole-by-hole adds up to 75). If you are satisfied ENTER again to go to the next round.

When you have reached the end you will be asked if you need to go back over the rounds. You must type N to end the data entry. Any other key will send you back to the first round to make edits. The data that you entered will be there so you wonít have to re-enter. It just gives you a chance to make any edits needed. The number at the top left hand corner is simply the average number of seconds it took you to enter each round. It means nothing.

When you have ended the data entry, you will receive a printout of what you have entered for each player as a hard copy back up.

Print Statistics

One at a time, you will be given the opportunity to print the statistics for each player who has at least one round. ESCAPE to bypass that player. At the end a comparison report will also kick out comparing your players against each other on most of the statistics. When this option is done running the program ends. You will have to type QUAL to get back into the main program.

Delete a Previously Entered Round

Once you have accepted data there is no way to edit. Your only option is to delete the round and re-enter it. If you do need to delete a round for that or any other reason you should use this option. When taking this option you will be asked to choose a Player. Choose the correct Player by typing the two-digit Player number to the left of their name. The program will search the files for any rounds that Player has played. The number of the round (of all rounds entered), the Playerís Name, and the hole-by-hole data that was entered along with the hole-by-hole par will be shown. The data to the right of the Playerís Name is the hole-by-hole Score. The second row shows Putts, Fairways, and Greens. The third row shows Up & Downs, Sand Saves, and Par. You have three choices. SPACEBAR to delete that record, ESCAPE back to the Main Menu, or any other key to continue the search. If you choose to delete a record the program will ask you to confirm that you want to delete. SPACEBAR again will delete the record. You should note that a deleted record leaves an empty space on the file that will be filled by the next round that is entered. Therefore, in searching for records to delete they are not necessarily in the order that you entered them.

ESCAPE to End the QUAL Program