Policy Manual for Registering and Scoring Events with Golfstat

DISCLAIMER: This document was not created to replace, but rather supplement the Handbook. It is more valuable to new coaches than to experienced coaches. It was created because the handbook cannot be released until late fall and this information is needed by some prior to that release. The various Committees have seen this document and the contents appear to be accurate. However, the Handbook should still be viewed as official should a discrepancy appear between the two documents. This document is a work in progress and will be posted on our web site www.golfstat.com with any changes as they occur.

Around the 25th of July each year Golfstat will provide the NCAA with all registration materials needed for the Rating System. These materials along with the cover letter from each respective NCAA Committee should be sent out by August 1st in an NCAA envelope.

There are 4 parts for a school to complete their registration:
General School Information (address, phone #, etc.)
Roster (Name, Year, Hometown, Height, Left or Right handed)
Register any events they host (even dual matches).
Circle a level of service code.
Registration is not considered complete until these 4 parts are completed.

Registration must be complete by October 15th.

There are situations where Tournaments are planned after the October 15th date.
Any Tournament Registration accepted after that date must be registered before the event is played and must be approved by the NCAA. You may send in the registration to Golfstat. Golfstat will contact the NCAA.

Failure to complete registration will be cause for a school to be fined $100.

Women: 5800 yards for all Divisions
Men: Division I: Par 70 or less Minimum of 6100 yards
Par 71 Minimum of 6300 yards.
Par 72 or more Minimum of 6500 yards.

Division II and III: Still under discussion.

Women: 5 count 4 is the only OFFICIAL acceptable format for all three Divisions. Tournaments are allowed to play 6 count 4, but they must designate which player will actually be counted as an individual for the OFFICIAL RESULTS that are released from Golfstat. Coaches need to be aware that if they play 6 count 4, the OFFICIAL TEAM RESULTS will most likely differ from those released from the Tournament. No nine hole rounds are accepted.

Men: Men allow 5 count 4, 6 count, or 6 count 5. Nine hole rounds are accepted for weather situations, but not by themselves (i.e. 27, 45, or 63 hole tournaments are allowed but you have to have at least 18 minimum).

All: The x out of x format is only allowable on a total score basis. Not hole by hole.

If a tournament is played where 27 holes are played one day and 27 the next, the first 18 holes of day 1 constitutes the first round. The final 9 of day 1 and the first 9 of day two constitute round 2. The final 18 holes of day 2 constitute round 3.

If more than 1 course is used the same holes must be played (and must be played the same number of times) by all players during the course of the event.

Results must be reported in one of two ways (ONLY):
Fill out the forms provided by Golfstat.
Use Golfstat's RESULTS Software (the software is free of charge)

Golfstat will not convert results from other formats. It is up to the host to convert and turn in the results in the proper format. Results not reported in the proper format will be viewed as never having been played for purposes of the selection process or any other statistical releases.

This is a number that starts low in the fall and continues to grow during the year. Schools that have not played this number of rounds (of acceptable format) will not be rated or included in any data sent out of this office (except for results which they have played). The rate of ascension for minimum rounds will be slower in the Fall than in the Spring Season. This minimum should not be confused with the minimum number of rounds needed for compliance for sponsorship, which may or may not be the same.

Current end of year minimum:
D 1 Men: 15
D 2 Men: 12
D 3 Men: 7

D 1 Women: 15
D 2 Women: 15
D 3 Women: 12

Currently we report 10 times a year to every Division except Men's Division II and Division III. They receive reports 4 times a year.

Mandatory dates as of July 22, 2000:

Division III Women: December 1, April 6, May 4 (Include individuals on these dates - Top 15 by District.)

Division III Men: December 1, April 3, April 20, April 27 (Individuals in Spring).