Top Frosh Impact Explanation

Top Frosh Impact is a measure of how strong and how impactful your freshman class of golfers is. It is a rather simple calculation. Every player who has the minimum number of rounds to be rated for their average score is eligible.

Here is the way the calculation works. If we have 300 schools in a division that have played enough rounds to be rated we start with the assumption that each one of those schools has 5 starters in their lineup for a total number of "starters" being equal to 1500 (300 x 5). We determine who those 5 "starters" are on each team by using the 5 players who have played the most rounds. If there is a tie for most rounds played we take the player(s) with the best score versus par rating.

Then we give each of those players a fictional rating of the number of "starters" in the division. In this example we are using that number would be 1500. Finally we go through and find which "starters" are freshman and replace the fictional rating we gave them (in this example 1500) with their actual score versus par rating. If that rating happens to be higher than our "starters" maximum we do not replace the number.

Then we simply calulate the relative impact versus the maximum it could be to come up with that number. One thousand (1000) is the highest score achievable and you would get this by having 5 freshamn in your starting lineup and they are rated 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 in the division. The worse score would obviously be where you had no freshman and therefore all 5 of your starters in this example would still have a rating of 1500.


Mark Laesch