Mental Golf Workshop Profile

Profile Sample Pages

The Different Sections of the Profile Report

  • The cover page has an introduction that urges players to work on "improving what they already have" instead of "constantly searching for what's missing."
  • Page 2 has a brief description of the DISC behavioral style model.
  • Pages 3 - 7 provide narratives describing the player's mental tendencies for five different areas of the game. Space is provided for making notes.
  • Pages 8 - 21 provide improvement ideas for the five key areas of the game. Space is provided for making notes. This is a very important step in getting the most impact from the profile reports.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of the Improvement Ideas are specific to the person's DISC style while other important ideas are relevant for all DISC styles.

  • Page 19 notes that our company provides DISC Profiles for purposes other than golf - ie: employee selection, sales and management coaching, career exploration, etc.
  • Page 20 recommends certain books, videos, websites, etc. that are excellent resources for golfers serious about improving their mental game.
  • Page 21 shows the ten DISC styles with graphs on the same page. These are the DISC styles used in the Mental Golf WorkshopTM system.

Following are just a few sample pages of the 21-page report.

The first page shows Darin's mental tendencies as he prepares for a round of golf. The second page shows a customized improvement idea for how Darin might prepare for the round more effectively. The third page shows an improvement idea which applies to all golfers for Mental Tendencies when Playing Shots.

Also included are 10 pages of recommended improvement ideas for your mental game. Many of those improvement ideas are customized based on your present mental golf traits while others apply to all golfers.

Some of the best minds in golf either contributed directly or allowed their ideas to be used in the development of the improvement ideas. Dr. Bob Rotella, whose concepts are battle tested by players like Brad Faxon, Davis Love and Nick Price, personally gave us permission to share some of his key concepts.