Darin's DISC Golf Styles Report
NOTE: This report reveals tendencies that you and golfers with your style share for five areas of the game.

We urge you to make notes as you review this report.

Preparing for the Round
Darin's DISC Style Preparing for the Round:
I (Influencing)
  • Enthusiastic
  • Optimistic
  • Sociable
  • Creative
  • Spontaneous
  • Instinctive
Darin tends to be optimistic, enthusiastic and confident before a round. He usually has positive expectations, and thoughts such as “today’s the day it’s all going to come together” are probably common for him as he prepares for a round. It’s typical for Darin to get excited about playing and some days his enthusiasm can cause him to be too mentally “geared up” when he steps on the first tee.

As he prepares for a round, Darin’s pre-round routine usually varies from round to round. He has an active mind before a round and doesn’t like to be mentally “boxed in” to a set way of doing things. Darin doesn't feel he needs to be as consistent with his warm-up routine as more analytical and exacting players might feel a need to be.

Darin tends to be somewhat imprecise with time management when preparing to play and sometimes doesn't feel completely organized as he approaches a round. He’s a social person and likes to spend time before the round talking with people at the course. Sometimes Darin might not allow quite enough time to get mentally prepared and properly warmed up before he steps on the first tee.

Darin usually gets off to his best starts when he maintains his natural enthusiasm but also relaxes his active mind so he can focus on his game. Arriving early at the course with plenty of time for a proper warm-up and time to socialize helps slow down his active mind and put him in a relaxed frame of mind as he steps on the first tee.

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