Mental Golf Workshop Profile

What People Are Saying About The Profile

"The beauty of this system is that our players get an accurate and comprehensive report without having to spend hours completing laborious questions. You sure get a lot for the time and money you invest in this process."
- Dr. Greg Rose, Co-Founder, Titleist Performance Institute

"This certainly makes you think about your game and what your priorities should be. The profile helps you understand how to improve your mental game."
- Brad Faxon, 7 Time Winner On The PGA Tour

"I am amazed at how accurate so many of the tendencies and improvement ideas are for me. It is hard to believe that the results can be so accurate from this brief survey. I really enjoyed reading my profile because it helped me analyze myself more clearly and really think about improving my tendencies."
- Jonathan Byrd, 2002 PGA Tour Rookie of the Year

"The profile sessions at our golf schools have gone quite well and the participants are very happy with the results. We've found the profile to be very accurate."
- Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott, Coaching for the Future Golf Schools (Pia and Lynn are both Golf Magazine Top 50 Instructors)

"I tested it with my assistants and students and it is amazing how accurate the profiles are. I usually interview my students before we work together and the profile really helps me and my students understand how best to work together."
- Kandi Comer, Director of Golf Operations, Glenmore Country Club

"A golfer using the profile will gain valuable insight and the necessary tools they can use to improve the mental side of their games. I recently used the profiles with three touring pros who are students of mine last week and they all gained valuable insights. This tool will help any golfer who wants to improve."
- Tommy Masters, Teaching Professional, San Joaquin Country Club and Pebble Beach Golf Academy

"Thanks for sharing the profile system with me. I'm highly impressed and this is a terrific product. We are going to use it with our coaches and players."
- Henry Brunton, Director of the Canadian National Golf Team

"The golf profiles are so accurate and helpful, we're going to sell them at all of our courses. This product has a bright future."
- Charlie Staples, President, Fore Golf Services and Lifetime PGA Member

"We profiled our entire team and it was amazing how accurate and helpful these profiles are. I gave a talk at the college coaches convention and recommended the profile to all of the coaches."
- Puggy Blackmon, Men's Golf Coach, The University of South Carolina

"My profile was right on the money. I don't know how answering those questions could produce such an accurate picture of my mental golf game."
- Brad Skelton, Director of Sales, BMW Charity Pro-Am of the Nationwide Tour