About Golfstat

By Mark Laesch, Golfstat Founder

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Mark Laesch

What Does Golfstat Do?


Golfstat was started in 1984 as a name I gave a program that I wrote to keep my own golf statistics. A friend of mine suggested that Illinois State University (a local school) might be interested in keeping statistics for their players the same way I was (I kept a lot of negative statistics). They used the service and liked it. I remember the first year I charged them 25 cents a round.

The next year I sent out about 100 letters to other schools, but I only got one other school to sign up. However, that school was Oklahoma State, and when they won the National Championship a couple of years later, I was off and running in the statistics business on both the Men's and Women's sides.

Then in 1989, the NCAA Women were having problems with an outside firm they had hired to do their computer rankings. Some of the coaches who were using our statistics talked the NCAA into letting me have a chance at solving the problems they were having. I put together a system that worked flawlessly and I was off and running in that direction also. In 1992, the NCAA Men allowed me to start doing the same thing and we have proceeded to grow from that point.

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